All about the card layout

In Library Labyrinth, characters from books (both fiction and history) help the players navigate the maze and overcome monsters. Each character will have a set of special skills to help them fight monsters, such as strength, disguise, or leadership. Some of the characters will also be able to combine skills with another player, or take a card from the discard pile, or move two squares at once.

These characters will be a deck of cards. The backs will look like books (of course!) but the fronts are going to take a bit of thought. For each character we need an illustration, plus their skills and abilities. For some characters that might mean six lines of text, for others it may only be three.

We asked around, and one thing which kept coming up was that people liked horizontal cards. Frankly, this was a bit unexpected, as horizontal cards aren’t something I would have thought of myself. However, the idea has grown on me. Horizontal cards could look at lot like open books.

I have a feeling that card layout may go through many different iterations until we find the perfect layout. We’ll keep you posted!

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