Work with Dissent

Jess is available to hire for a range of tasks, including:

Bespoke workshops on topics including Westminster parliamentary procedure, legislation, campaign communication. See these worksheets for inspiration, and contact me to discuss.

Parliamentary advice such as engagement with politicians, lobbying on Bills, monitoring a Bill, briefings, amendments, and support on Private Member’s Bills.

General political research, papers written, evaluation, funding bids, project cost projections, bookkeeping, articles, and diagrams and infographics. Can be a very small job lasting an hour, a couple of days or work, or a longer project.

Facilitation of discussions, or chairing of meetings. If you need someone to run a meeting, no matter the style, I can help. Some examples are:

  • Chairing a debate following the standard Westminster debating model. Careful timings, voting on motions and amendments. Clear explanation of process and expectations set well before the meeting.
  • Chairing a debate with three or four options. Similar to the Westminster model, but offering more possible outcomes and using STV as the voting system.
  • Deciding between multiple options using a consensus decision-making model. Options may also arise from the floor during this method, and the meeting considers the issues holistically and with real collaboration between participants.
  • “Threshing” — finding an answer by separating the wheat from the chaff. A meeting to express hopes, fears, joys, everything about a current situation. Can be used to pinpoint either a specific crisis (whether internal or external) or to decide what to do with an opportunity.
  • Conflict resolution and mediation between two people, a small group, or an organisation.
  • Leading and structuring any discussion you need, including preparation work and follow up as needed.

Games and puzzles created on any political campaign issue. This would be likely to be a six month project involving approximately 12 meetings. If a game is produced, the expectation is that in would result in a product you can use to raise awareness and funds.

Download a copy of my CV here or contact me at to discuss costs and availability.