What’s in a name?

One of the first things which needs to be decided for a game is the name. A name sets the scene and frames the game. It reveals quite a lot about how the creators see the game working. A quick, silly game is going to have an upbeat title, while a horror-themed game is going to announce itself with something suitably scary.

The working title for this game was “Trapped in the Library”. But that didn’t feel quite right. One and two word names often do well, and the additional “in the” contained in that name made it seen a bit clunky. So we asked around. Specifically, we asked on Facebook. And we had a lot of different views!

One of the most popular names was “Library Lockdown”. Which is a good name, but lockdown potentially contains some pretty bad memories for people. Another suggestion, “Escape the Library” felt too much like it was an escape room puzzle — which are fun, but our game isn’t an escape room, so it felt like the wrong name.

Quite a few people suggested something to do with labyrinths, and so we’d decided that the title (for now at least) will be “Library Labyrinth”. It makes sense — a significant part of the game will be battling monsters among the shelves of a library. We thought briefly about whether we could cleverly combine the two words to make it “Libyrinth”, but thought that seemed a little overcomplicated.

What do you think? Does “Library Labyrinth” grab your attention?

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