Introducing…Library Labyrinth

Over the last few months we’ve been working on a game….an exciting new game.

Library Labyrinth is set in a library. (There’s a surprise.) There’s been some sort of mishap, and dark and mysterious things have started coming out of the books. Our escape route out is blocked by monsters and barriers.

The only way out is to ask the books for help. Players can call on fictional and historical women by opening books (well, drawing cards) in which they feature. Each woman has a a set of special skills which help to defeat the terrible things lurking in the library. Players work together to build the right team to escape the library.

The board is a maze of bookshelves, with dark terrors hiding round corners. As players move through the maze, the monsters become harder to defeat. And at the end, all the monsters not yet defeated come together to block the exit…

We’re hoping to go out to Kickstarter in March 2021. There are three of us creating the game — Jess on general project management and some game design, Mill on game mechanics, and Sam on art. We’ll have many more things coming up, so follow us closely!

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