Custom greetings cards

Would you like a game on a greetings card created just for you? Perhaps you want to thank your biggest supporters? Or perhaps it’s for your wedding or a big birthday party? You could have a special game card!

In January 2023 I created “Nourish” for the Chester Sexual Abuse Support Service. It’s a solo game on a card and features seven silhouettes flowers against brightly coloured backgrounds. Each flower also has two rows of numbers, which represent water and sunlight. The player rolls two dice and matches them to the number on each flower. If they can’t get a match, they reroll — but they only have a fixed number of turns! With every roll and reroll, a bumblebee moves along a track, getting closer and closer to waking up. To win the game, the player must match their dice to each flower before the bumblebee wakes.

A game on a greetings card would take between two and four weeks to design. It could cost you from £200 (for a design I already have in mind, or something modified to fit your needs) to around £500 (for a completely new design entirely from scratch). I can also take care of ordering, having the finished cards sent direct to you. Cards cost around £75 for 100, and prices drop sharply as the numbered ordered increases. So you could get 100 completely personalised cards for about £2.75 a card — cheaper than the shops!

I have done solo games, multi-player games, mazes, logic puzzles, and colouring-in games — on on greetings cards! So whether you want a wedding-themed race game or a maze in outer space, I’m sure we can create the perfect game on a card.

If you’re interested, email me (Jess) at

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