How to Dissent: workshop games and exercises

A free, printable set of workshop games and exercises for both experienced protesters and those new to dissent.

Speaking Truth to Power: a quick workshop exercise for the start of day to get groups thinking about different approaches in campaigning. 10-20 minutes, any group size, scene setting

MP Roleplay: a longer exercise, which can be replayed many times, to practice meeting with people in power. Up to 90 minutes, groups of 4 or 5, immersive

Rainbow Communication: how to work out if your group really is all on the same page. 30 minutes, groups of 2-10, core work

Idea to Message: a longer exercise to get groups thinking about effective communication. 60 minutes, groups of 1-5, core work

Someone Else’s Shoes: a short exercise for deciding how to frame your message appropriately for your audience. 10 minutes, groups of 1-5, scene setting

Building a Community: a workshop exercise to think about networking with others. 30 minutes, groups of 1-5, core work

Wormhole: a social deduction game for groups of 9-20 people, particularly useful for the end of a long day. 30 minutes, groups of 9-20, just for fun