Games on cards — what’s next?

Over the last year I’ve been playing around the idea of games on greetings card, releasing two sets of designs — one set of five Christmas cards, and one set of two different Valentine’s Day cards. Some of these cards are available to buy on Etsy, and the Roll & Colour cards have QR codes on the back which lead to explanation videos.

So, what next? Well, two things: more cards, and Roll & Colour notepads.

I’m working on different ideas for greetings cards. Roll & Colour are excellent, and while there will be some more designs (balloons or kites, possibly?) I’m also looking at other games to play. One potential option is a two player collect-and-race game. Perhaps players will be birds hopping round different bird feeders. Perhaps they will be bees visiting flowers. Perhaps there will be a birthday card about blowing out the candles on a cake, or a maze card where you follow something (a naughty dog?) round a maze and try to catch it before it eats all the cookies?

I am hoping to have a couple of different designs worked out by the summer, and will offer these alongside the Roll & Colour cards.

Which nicely leads on to Roll & Colour. I’m currently working on notepads. Rather than just one thing to colour in (the card), these will be pads of 50 sheets. it means that you can play in groups, each taking a sheet. The points will be scored for different colours, but possibly also for different shapes on the same sheet. I’ve tried with frogs, and with fish, and each look splendid in their own way, but unfortunately don’t work together.

These little pads will be sold at UK Games Expo in June, and will (fingers crossed) come with a small cloth bag, a pack of pencils or wax crayons, and four small wooden dice. I’ll also have them on the Etsy account after Expo.

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