Library Labyrinth — now on Kickstarter

Library Labyrinth is a light, cooperative board game. And it’s on Kickstarter NOW for the pretty amazing price of £29 (plus shipping).

The library has been cursed, and terrible things are emerging from the books. There’s a basilisk behind you, a kraken round the corner, and a whole host of spiders on their way! Your task is to build a team of amazing fictional and historical women to put these escaped literary monsters back in their books. Can the Lady of Shalott defeat Dracula? Or Heidi and Ada Lovelace overcome the Minotaur? Can Nzinga and Mary Seacole deal with the Martian Robots from War of the Worlds?

Rotate and flip tiles, move around the grid, match symbols, and do all this against the clock. You’ll need to be careful, because at the end of each turn the curse interferes with one of the tiles on the grid — and it may even release a new monster!

As well as the game itself, we’re also using the kickstarter to create a workshop package for schools, community centres, and libraries.

Please do support our crowdfunding effort on Kickstarter! Find out more about Library Labyrinth on our website.

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