Library Labyrinth

Our next big game is Library Labyrinth. It’s a cooperative gateway game featuring rotating tiles.

An ancient curse has been released in the library, which is causing dangerous literary terrors to escape their books. You might meet Dracula, or Triffids, or the Big Bad Wolf. Your task is to stop the curse by capturing these literary terrors and returning them to their books. You’ll be helped by famous fictional and historical women — but watch out for that curse!

The game is quick and easy to pick up. The board is made up of 25 tiles, which start ‘dark’ and are flipped over during the game to reveal more of the library. On most of the tiles there’s a hidden terror, but other tiles contain rewards or places to return your captured terrors. And the curse moves round the tiles between turns, rotating paths, revealing more literary terrors, and generally making things harder for the players.

The most exciting part of the game is the book characters. Players capture literary terrors by using book cards from their hand, and each card features a fictional or historical woman. Perhaps you’ll pair Ada Lovelace with Anne of Green Gables to catch the Kraken? Or perhaps Cheng Yat Sao (aka Ching Shih) will join forces with Athena in pursuit of the Jabberwocky? There are 100 (yes, 100) famous fictional and historical women in this game!

Visit to find out more!

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