Roll & Colour?

Recently I’ve been working on a new idea. This is a roll and colour game. It’s very simple, designed to fit on a postcard.

You need three dice and six different coloured pens or pencils. (The dice could be on a dice app on your phone, and if you have children, and this is designed for that market, then you’ll have many different coloured pens.)

Roll the three dice. If you roll three dice which are all 1-3 or all 4-6, flip one of the dice. Pick a fish to colour based on your three dice. One of the dice must represent the column, one the row, and one the colour. Fill in the fish, and then roll again.

If you find that you can’t fill in a fish because all the fish you could do are already coloured in (quite possible towards the end of the game) then choose any blank fish and mark it with an x. That fish now can’t be filled.

The game ends when all fish are coloured in. You score points as follows:

  • 1 point per fish which is NOT in a square with another fish of the same colour
  • -1 point per unused colour
  • -1 point per fish marked with an x

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