Valentine’s Maze

One of the things I’ve been doing recently is making games which could fit on a postcard. The problem is not so much the playing space, but getting the rules to fit on the back!

Today, on Valentine’s Day, there’s a heart maze going out for Make Votes Matter, the campaign for proportional representation. The maze involves players flipping a coin in order to get to the centre of the maze — heads means turn right, tails means turn left. There are a lot of opportunities to end up in a dead end such as a safe seat or a voter ID pilot. It’s silly, it’s funny, and it makes a good point about electoral reform.

I also have another version of the heart maze. This one is a straightforward game, to be played with two people and four dice. The way into the heart of the maze is blocked by different dice, and to get past them you need to roll a corresponding die. Your task is to roll dice which will allow you to find your way in – and as it’s a cooperative game, you’re finding a route together. It would be easy (you have four dice between you and only need three), except you can’t tell your partner what you rolled. Each person takes two dice and rolls them secretly. The players need to communicate what their dice are without saying any numbers, or using the words “left” or “right”. One player can turn one dice down one “pip” to let the other player turn one dice up a “pip”, but that needs to be communicated without saying numbers. Once the players think they have a route in, they reveal their dice in the order they need to get into the maze.

I’ve hugely enjoying making this maze, and so here’s to more of them in the future.

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