Print and Play Prototype: “Don’t Let The People Vote”

A few months ago I started developing a simple game about voting. The idea was for a semi-educational game, suitable for 2-5 people, based on various voting restrictions. It would cover the obvious legislative barriers (women not permitted to vote), voter suppression (such as requiring ID cards), and gerrymandering (changing the rules in a way which happens to suit your interests).

Unfortunately I didn’t get very far with developing the game. It had already been put on the backburner due to competing commitments when lockdown started. As I have two small children, I have had very little time to work in the last six weeks, and certainly won’t have time until I’m able to use childcare again. And so, I’ve decided to share this very early stage of the game with you.

This is a game still at the thoughts and ideas stage. It’s the first iteration — and realistically I’d expect a game to go through three or four major changes before it became properly playable. What I’d usually do at this stage is spend a few days experimenting with different ideas. I’d ask:

  • Should it be a competitive game, or should it become cooperative?
  • At the moment the players are (tongue in cheek) the baddies. Does that work?
  • Does the “first loser” victory condition work?
  • Are the things on the cards (“Get an extra vote if you own property”) interesting enough?

I’d expect these questions to lead on to others, and for me to try changing the game completely, and for what emerged to be almost unrecognisable.

So….would you like to help out with the development? If so, you can! What you’ll need to do is:

Thank you, and have fun!

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