The result is less important

A couple of weeks ago I posted about how my daughter and I started making a game. She’s not yet four, so it’s rather slow progress.

We started with a circle of rooms in a house, and some multi-coloured meeples (little wooden people) rolling dice in order to escape from white ghosts. So far, so abstract.

We’ve had the game out a couple of times since then, and it’s slowly evolving. The “rainbow people” are now moving through a selection of connected walled gardens. She asked me to draw the board again, and told me what should be in each section. We have some orange trees, a fountain, and a hammock. She also drew a (curved) bed and a big orange trampoline.

We still aren’t sure why the people want to move around the gardens, but that’s a minor concern. Right now, she’s making sure the board looks right.

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