New game growing…

The new game is (potentially) called Leader of the Opposition. It’s part party game, part silly fun, part political satire.

Your party lost the last election and now you need to choose a new leader. In their infinite wisdom, the party elders have decided to let all the candidates have a stab at getting their key policy interests on to the table, and the candidate who succeeds in tabling their issues (um, cards) first, wins.

However, it’s not all collecting policy cards. Each round, one of us will be responsible for dealing the cards. It’s a big job which potentially allows the lucky player to help or hinder others. How do we decide who gets to do it? We vote, of course! Decide which of your rivals to vote for, which to stab in the back, and which to protect.

Coming soon…well, soonish, depending on how long it is before we’re allowed to use a childminder.

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