Games on campaigning themes

In 2019, Disarm the Base was released by Dissent Games. Disarm the Base is a co-operative board game in which peace protesters work together to disable armed planes. It was developed based on the real life direct action of Sam Walton and Daniel Woodhouse in 2017, and Angie Zelter, Joanna Wilson, Lotta Kronlid, and Andrea Needham in 1996. Profits go to Campaign Against Arms Trade.

We are interested in developing other games based on campaigning themes. This could be a game where players replace power stations with trees, or stop world leaders from using nuclear weapons, or mentor famous women.

While each situation is different, here’s how it worked for Disarm the Base. Dissent Games created the game, including artwork, the game design, physically getting it made, and arranging sales. Sam Walton and CAAT helped to promote it, and gave advice on some aspects. Each game costs £29 to buy, plus £5 postage to UK addresses. 500 copies were made, with 240 being pre-sold on Kickstarter. CAAT will get the profits (which are around £5,000) in summer 2020.

If you have a campaign message which you think would make a great game, contact us and we’ll see if we can make it work.

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