We are Dissent Campaigns & Games, and we create games for the campaigning sector. This ranges from workshop games (simple exercises which help frame an idea or structures to roleplay campaigning messages) through to polished, boxed board games on a campaigning theme.

In 2019 we created a co-operative board game called Disarm the Base, in which peace protesters move around a board, finding and disarming warplanes while avoiding security guards. This was our first game, and creating it was a genuinely brilliant experience (which you can read more about at disarmthebase.com). All profits from Disarm the Base are going to Campaign Against Arms Trade.

The ability to dissent, peacefully and respectfully, is a fundamental part of democracy. We think that games and campaigning fit together perfectly, because games are a way of challenging the norms and asking ourselves questions. Games can be part of our pathway to dissent: they show us how to speak out.

This website contains three different strands:

  • Workshop exercises and games for anyone to print out and use
  • Blog posts on the latest card or board game we are creating
  • Information blog posts about specific political knowledge or campaigning tools

The workshop games and the information is completely free. If you use one of the workshop games or exercises, it would be lovely if you could let us know how it went. Please do drop us a line by email, or tag us on Twitter (we’re @DissentGames). Tell other people how much you enjoyed playing it and how it helped your workshop!