Welcome to the logical dungeon! Are you confused about who took the biscuit? Let’s start with the card itself, and work through. (WARNING: DON’T SCROLL DOWN TOO FAR UNLESS YOU WANT THE ANSWERS!)

The card shows a wall in a dungeon, with various notices pinned up and a few items on the shelves. Four adventurers visited the dungeon and took four objects (one each). Our task, as explained by one of the notices, is to find out:

  • Which object did each person take?
  • What was the order in which the objects were taken?
  • Where were the objects?

The puzzle is a straightforward logic grid. You should assume that each object, person, and location only goes with one other object, person, location, or order — by which I mean that if the sword was found by the wizard then that was the only object found by the wizard. For this puzzle, the words “found” and “took” can be used almost interchangeably, as the group of four adventurers probably came across the objects together and then one by one, decided who should get each object.

How do you solve it?

Let’s do an example. Look at the green notice on the back of the card. It says: “Monday. Wanted: sword training. Wizard seeks lessons for newly acquired weapon.” A red sticker on the note says “new today”.

This tells you that the wizard took the sword. The notice is new today, and you know from looking at the plan on the front of the card that the dungeon crawl took place on Monday at daybreak.

Now look at the grid. Knowing that the wizard took the sword, you find where on the grid “wizard” and “sword” intersect, and tick that box. Obviously if the wizard took the sword then no other person could have taken the sword. Put a small cross or a dot in the boxes where sword intersects with Cleric, Fighter, and Rogue to indicate that they are impossible. And as the wizard took the sword then it’s impossible for the wizard to have taken the biscuit, locket, or scroll, so mark off those boxes too.

All the answers are in the text!


Only keep reading if you want to know the answer! The answers will be listed first as individual answers, and then full answers at the bottom of the page.

Green notice: the wizard took the sword.

Pink notice and yellow notice: the locket was found in the well. It was knocked into the well by the clockwork cleaning cube, ie a roomba.

Blue notice: the adventurers cannot go straight from the kitchen to the library, so they will have travelled through the kitchen corridor first, then to the dining area, then to the library, then to the courtyard.

Polite notice: the biscuit was found in the kitchen corridor, the biscuits are attracting beetles, and the chests contain swords.

Red book: the book belongs to the rogue (it names the other three, plus the bookmark says “best rogue ever”) and states that the rogue took the first item, that the first item was covered in beetles, and that the cleric took the third item which came in a bag.

Plan: the adventurers started in the kitchen and worked their way through to the courtyard.

Map: the chests are in the dining area (second area on the map) and the well is in the courtyard (last area).

Full answers

Cleric – Scroll – 3rd – Bag

Fighter – Locket – 4th – Well

Rogue – Biscuit – 1st – Corridor

Wizard – Sword – 2nd – Chest