Good question. Dissent Campaigns & Games Ltd is a company limited by guarantee. It’s a not-for-profit organisation with the aim of creating games and workshops for the campaigning sector. It was set up in July 2019, and so far has created one complete board game, Disarm the Base. We’re now working on an exciting new project called Library Labyrinth.

The person doing most of the work is Jessica Metheringham. Jess was previously responsible for political engagement for Quakers in Britain, and has also worked for the Electoral Commission, with local government and in the UK Parliament. Find her at Twitter or LinkedIn

Our new project, Library Labyrinth, welcomes a whole team of brilliant women! Amy, Ella, Mill and Sam are all part of the core team, and you can find out more about them on the team section of the Library Labyrinth website.

The other half of the Disarm the Base team was Mark Bijak, who did all the illustrations and graphic design. He has many other exciting things at https://markbijak.com, or you could look for him on Instgram, LinkedIn, Dribble, Pinterest, Behance

Dissent Campaigns & Games also has a steering group. At present there are three people on it: Jude Haigh, Jon Martin, and Oliver Robertson. Jude and Oliver are the legal directors registered at Companies House.